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Filthy Computers | December 7, 2009

Those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s got used to thinking of computers as being high-tech, expensive and gleaming.

Computers are still high-tech but they’re not that expensive anymore and as the photos below show, far from clean machines.

Computers accumulate dust because they suck air from the room to cool their components.  Or, in this case, dog hair:

Because computers are warm, dry and don’t get opened up very often, some things make their homes in there.  Mostly cockroaches and the spiders that eat them:

If not blown out once in a while, dust can cause ventilation can fail:

Bangkok’s air tends to be heavy with dust and fines, due to the popularity of poorly maintained diesel engines and construction.  It’s usually not this bad though:

If you’re not brave enough to crack open your own PC, you can have one of our friendly and experienced technicians bring over a dust blower as part of a normal compuer checkup.


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