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How to clean your laptop

November 18, 2010
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How to clean your laptop


At com2u computer home service we can’t point out enough how often people bring us
their laptops and tell us it’s broken when the only problem is dust. You
should dust out your laptop at least once a year, ideally more; otherwise your
laptop can easily overheat. Luckily most laptops have sensors which detect the
overheating and shut them down but this can be confusing as the laptop will
work fine until the temperature reaches a certain level.


Get the Dust out:

Dust and hair (pets etc.) can fill your laptop’s vents, causing the machine to
overheat. Pick your notebook up and check the vents to see if dust is
covering the vents. Brush or blow it out with compressed air (you can buy this
in cans).

More adventurous types can unscrew the bottom of their notebook and give it a more
thorough cleaning. Also if you remove the keyboard in most models you can easily
clean the fan and heat sink as well. Just be careful, power off your laptop and
remove the battery before you do all this.

Clean the screen:


Don’t use anything with alcohol, ammonia or solvents. You can use distilled water and
a clean cloth to clean it. If your machine is really dirty, try a mixture of 50
precent distilled water and 50 precent white vinegar. Start by turning your
notebook off and remove the battery. Then moisten a clean cloth and wipe it
gently across the screen. Do not spay liquid directly onto the screen. Do not
put too much pressure or you might crack the screen.


Tidy the keyboard and touchpad:

Hold the laptop upside down and give it a gentle shake to help dislodge any gunk.
You’ll need a can of compressed air to blow out dust and crud that has built up
over the year. Next, get some cotton swabs, dip them in same cleaning solution
used for the screen and wipe the side of the keys. Make sure it’s not too wet
because you don’t want liquid to drip on the keyboard.


Let com2u Do it all for you

Com2U computer home service has years of experience in cleaning laptops so if you don’t
have the time or if the cleaning process seems a bit daunting the n please give
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